Say Goodbye to Expensive Credit Card Fees

Say Goodbye to Expensive Credit Card Fees by The Clover People
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A Premium Experience, Without The Premium Price Tag

When you get your new Clover system from The Clover People, you will realize how easy and quick its the installation to ensure that you're up and running quickly.

• 0 Upfront Cost

     • 0 Equipment Cost

     • 0 Processing Fees

by The Clover People

Meet the New Clover Station

Our all-in-one POS solution makes it easier than ever to streamline your business—its powerful system boasts enhanced features, including fully integrated EMV® payment acceptance, to help you get the job done.

The rules have changed!

Thanks to popular new government regulations, businesses like yours no longer have to absorb the ever increasing costs associated with accepting credit cards. This means that The Clover People members will receive 100% of the funds from their transactions.

With a new system from The Clover People, and our free app you will be in compliance with the new regulations. Your cash customers will pay the same prices they pay now and a small percentage will be added, just like sales tax, when customers chose to use those expensive rewards cards saving you thousands of dollars every year!

Love your customers

How do you turn good customers into repeat ones?
Give them incentives they can’t resist.

There aren’t enough hours in the day. But time flies when you’re getting paid. Our host of products can help you reach your full POS potential as your business scales.

Gift and you’ll receive

Clover helps you create, sell, and accept your own branded gift cards.

You need to attract new customers. But you also want to retain existing ones. With Clover Gift Cards, you can do both. It’s an easy-to-use program that simplifies selling your own custom-branded plastic and digital gift cards and managing your card inventory. Gift cards can also bring in new revenue, not to mention a ton of new foot traffic.

How Does 0% Credit Card Acceptance Work?

We all know credit cards come with lot's of perks, but most people don't realize that, until recently, merchants and their cash and debit card customers have been paying for those benefits. Thanks to a 2017 Supreme Court ruling, and with the right technology from The Clover People, you can be in compliance with the new standards designed to help you stay competitive and keep your prices low for your non-credit card customers while still welcoming those fancy rewards cards, at no cost to you!

Of course, if you want to continue paying credit card fees, we have great rates starting at just 1.39% + 10 cents for most businesses.