Reap the rewards of gift cards.

You need to attract new customers. But you also want to retain existing ones. With Clover Gift Cards, you can do both. It’s an easy-to-use program that simplifies selling your own custom-branded plastic and digital gift cards and managing your card inventory. Gift cards can also bring in new revenue, not to mention a ton of new foot traffic.

They’re a boon for business

In just a few minutes, you can get up and running—and ringing up sales—with Clover Gift Cards. It’s easy for customers to buy and redeem, and so much more.

Boost sales

We know gift cards can bring in new customers. But did you know that they’ll typically spend more than the value of the card when they redeem it? You do now.

Convenient for customers

Our smartphones are always within arm’s reach. So when customers can buy and redeem gift cards right on those devices, it’s one less hassle for them.

Reduce fraud

Say good riddance to paper gift certificates. Physical and digital customized gift cards are much less likely to be counterfeited, lost or stolen.

Stand out

Adding gift cards to your arsenal can help your business stand apart from the competition, while holding your own with big-box stores.

Clover Gift Cards gives you lots to work with

Ditching those awkward old paper gift certificates is just the start. Your customers will appreciate the convenience of physical and digital cards. And you’ll be floored at how easy they are to manage.

Physical or Digital

Give your customers options with custom-branded plastic and digital gift cards. And when you run out, they’re easy to reorder.

Admin Dashboard

Your Clover dashboard is central command for all things payments. But you can also use it to check gift card balances and issue store credit onto gift cards.

Convert Existing Program

Have an existing gift card program? No sweat. Converting it to Clover Gift Cards is effortless.


Want to know what’s up with your gift card sales and redemptions? With Clover, you can get full status reports.


You’re breaking new ground here, so we’re here to help. Clover Gift Cards offers real human support and an online help center.

Convert Existing Program

Have an existing gift card program? No sweat. Converting it to Clover Gift Cards is effortless.

Clover Gift Cards and Gyft

Clover Gift Cards and the Gyft app work seamlessly together to provide your customers with a sleek mobile experience.

Fully integrated with Gyft

With the Gyft app, customers can store, redeem and even share their Clover Gift Cards with friends and family.

Clover Gift Cards

Sign up today and get going with gift cards.