Your best customers can be your biggest advantage.

New customers are great. But when they come back, you know you’re onto something. So how do you build on that success—and still have time to do everything else?
Turn to Clover. It’s loaded with features to maximize your relationship with your best customers and arms you with incentives like rewards programs, gift cards and feedback tools. All designed to help you ring up more sales.


Put your marketing on auto-pilot

Drive more business with apps designed to drive customer engagement and sales.


Sell anytime, anywhere

A professional looking website, shopping cart and hosting all integrated with your Clover POS system.

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Payments and customers in one place

With everything at your fingertips, you can spot your best customers right away and turn on the charm.

Clover Online

Get online fast with a website that not only makes it a cinch for customers to find you, it can bring in revenue beyond your four walls. And you can get up and running fast, with an online store fully integrated with your Clover.

Retail & Services

Allow customers anywhere to buy your products anytime. It’s like you’re never closed . Ensure your service is exactly what customers want. How? Let your point of sale tell you.Customers have special requests all the time. Our POS makes it easy for you to deliver on your promise on time, every time. Offer fast and secure transactions, accept all payment methods and speed up your checkout.
Customer profiles
Purchase history
Customer categories
Lifetime value of shoppers


A restaurant POS system is the software that is used to process transactions. They are designed to calculate the amount owed, process payment, and prepare receipts for merchant and customer. Modern POS systems can do much more than facilitating transactions. They can record data that can be later used for marketing purposes and support integrations that increase their capabilities. Your restaurant POS software is the central component of your business. It provides the means to make sense of data and is what brings everything together. Overall, it helps you simplify your day-to-day operations.

The Clover People will give you the best POS for your business.

Clover Gift Cards

Gift cards are a win-win. They turn your customers into ambassadors and who can bring in new foot traffic in the door. Clover Gift Cards makes it easy to sell your very own branded plastic and digital gift cards, plus manage your card inventory. Want to attract more foot traffic? And retain existing customers? And enjoy a full spectrum of gift card tools, from custom branding to managing card inventory? With Clover Gift Cards, you can do all that.

Clover Rewards

How do you keep customers coming back for more? You reward them for their business. With Clover you can design a custom reward program that drives repeat purchases from your best customers and gets people talking.

App Market.

Build an online store. Incentivize customers. Offer gift cards. Create a rewards program. And that’s just Monday. Not only can Clover’s suite of apps make things easy on you, they come fully integrated with your POS system.

Get Paid

Accept all payments types, swipe, dip, or tap.

Run Your Business

Run your business better without having to staff up..