Quick service restaurants are more than fast food

From your customers to your employees, life in the quick service restaurant business moves fast. Really fast. So how do you make it all look effortless? The answer is right on your counter.


Get paid securely

Process all kinds of payment types—cash, card, check and even mobile payments—whether they’re in-store, online or on the go.


Bring order to your orders

Take orders however they come in—over the phone, in person or online—then organize and track deliveries.


Handle the rush

Dealing with impatient, hungry customers can be a nightmare. With Clover, it’s a dream come true.


Manage your workforce

Overseeing your staff is no simple task. Or is it? Now you can keep tabs on their hours and shifts, easy as pie.


Reduce the wait

Keep your lines short and your customers moving quickly, so everyone goes home happy and well fed.


Give thanks

Show your appreciation for customer loyalty. With Clover, you can incentivize your regulars with rewards and gift cards.

Build the perfect POS

What are your needs today? Thinking about more locations in the future? Clover comes with a host of hardware options, from basic to big time.

Clover Station

Our most powerful, flexible and sleek countertop POS system is designed from the inside out to be the hub of your business.


Clover Mini

Designed for fast, secure and reliable transactions with each swipe, dip or tap, Clover Mini combines with Clover Station for convenient counter service.


The right tools make everything go faster

A great customer experience and fast service go hand in hand. Clover apps can help to make your team more efficient at the tasks critical to your business.

Front of House Management

Customer service is all in the details. To keep your operation running at speed—and the line moving—you need the right tools that help you get the job done.

Cash Track

You accept all denominations

Customers want fast service and things can get confusing. Cash Track helps you keep an accurate tally of the portion of your sales made with currency.


Order Paper

Order replacement paper right from your device

Don’t stop what you’re doing just to order paper. Now you can purchase more right where you’re working.


Online Order & Delivery

Bring your business online to reach more customers and open the door for quick deliveries.

Driver Assign

Your driver dashboard

With Driver Assign, you can better track your delivery orders by assigning a driver to an order. You can also run reports to see which drivers took an order and if they are holding any cash sales.


Customer Assign

More flexibility is in order

Sometimes orders come in too fast, and they get complicated. Now you can assign or create a new customer even if you have already started an order, versus having to start all over again.


Employee Management

Keep tabs on your employees’ hours, schedules and performance, without taking up time of your own. You’ve got customers to serve, after all.

Time Clock

Make employee schedules easy

Track employee hours, build schedules instantly online so your team can view and swap shifts, and much more to make your life easier.


Ping Me If

Stay on the pulse of your business

Receive email alerts when transaction events occur, like when a refund is issued or a popular item gets low in stock.


Customer Engagement

Your repeat customers are your best customers. Reward and incentivize your regulars with tools and programs created to keep them coming back.


Get to know your best customers

Rewards lets you create a fun, effective loyalty program within minutes—absolutely free, no strings attached. It's simple: happy customers come back.


Gift Cards

Stay on the pulse of your business

The Gift Cards app offers a simple and cost-effective gift card program to easily sell digital and plastic gift cards, and issue store credit straight from your Clover device.


Analytics & Reporting

Keeping track of the details is what keeps your business on the fast track. Clover's analytics and reporting apps provide deep data of your day-to-day operation and allow you to view your business—and your competitors—from a higher level.